Our Executive Search offering is headed up by Rodney Crouch. With over 10 years’ of recruitment experience at an executive level, Rodney has a far reaching range of personal contacts in the digital industry and an extremely detailed, specific knowledge of the overall digital sector. Rodney will personally run your search, selecting and briefing candidates with the utmost levels of professionalism and confidentiality.

Grey Matter Recruitment

Grey Matter Recruitment

Our highly methodical approach means that we will extensively research and map the market, identify the best possible talent for your role, and make a personal approach to only the most qualified prospects. Rodney’s exceptional experience in the field, as well as his trusted and proven reputation in the market, means that candidates will consider your opportunity seriously.

We appreciate that a successful executive appointment needs more than just a candidate who meets all the stated requirements of the job description – this senior level individual will play a huge part in building your company culture and needs to have the right personal attributes, as well. We will conduct an in-depth interview with each candidate, including psychometric testing if required, to ensure that the candidates presented have the personal and professional calibre to make a contribution at the highest level.

Once we have developed a long-list of suitably qualified candidates who are interested in your role, we will narrow this down to a shortlist and present you with a full report on these individuals. We will support you throughout the interview and offer process to ensure that you engage your preferred candidate. Also included in our service is a complete branding exercise, taking your role and company to market and delivering a full report of our findings at the end of the search.

We are happy to tailor our Executive Search offering to meet your individual needs. For more details, please contact Rodney Crouch.

Email: rodney@greymatterrecruitment.co.uk

Mobile: +44 (0) 7860 770 632