“Grey Matter were the first company I approached as I was starting to scale my EMEA business here in London. Their approach is highly considered, professional with a big emphasis on quality. They have found me some outstanding new hires and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in the marketing & IoT SaaS space looking to build out their team.”

Saqib Rizvi at Thin Film IoT


“Grey Matter have been amazing recruiters who have helped us build and scale our EMEA team in a very expedited fashion. They are extremely knowledgeable of the ad-tech space and understand exactly the types of profiles that we’re going after. They are extremely responsive and on top of their game and I would highly recommend Grey Matter to any companies that are looking to build or grow their sales and marketing teams out in EMEA.”

Susan Kuo at Singular

Grey Matter is a unique breath of fresh air in London recruitment market where the average firm looks to aggressively push bad candidates onto the company. I’ve really enjoyed working with Rodney and the Grey Matter team and I’m glad I found them!”

Jordan Gutman at Yotpo

“Grey Matter took time to understand the Adara business and the type of candidate we were looking for to the fill the role. This was demonstrated by the caliber of candidates provided and Grey Matter’s knowledge of the digital and ad tech landscape. I would highly recommend Grey Matter to any digital company looking for a professional and knowledgeable recruiter.”

Peter Kelly at Adara

“Grey Matter far exceeded our expectations. They took the time to understand our roles and company culture in-depth, which translated into the calibre of candidates they shared with us. The candidates were well-vetted, prepared and genuinely interested in our company. Overall, Grey Matter were an absolute pleasure to work with and we’re excited to continue partnering with them as JOOR scales.”

Amy Salazar at JOOR

“Having worked with a number of recruitment agencies and recruitment professionals over the last few years, both as a job seeker and an employer, I was beyond impressed with Grey Matter throughout this process. From the beginning, they were friendly and cheerful, and at all times demonstrated a professional and entirely competent approach to discussions about the head of content role. They truly listened when I discussed my current role with them, and sought to deeply understand the nature of my experience but also my goals and needs.”

Alice Leahy at Suitcase Magazine

“Grey Matter were great, transparent, responsive, attentive, kind and helpful during the whole process. I haven’t worked with a recruitment agency before, but after this experience I would highly recommend Grey Matter. It was painless, effortless and a huge help in instilling confidence to land the job.”

Bree Nakatani at Opal

“Grey Matter is a very special recruitment agency. They truly care about their customers and go the extra mile to ensure they match candidates to the right opportunity. Timely follow up, tailored approach and friendly customer service are just some of their unique selling points. In my career, I have dealt with many recruiters, however none were as good as Grey Matter. I would have no hesitation to recommend them and have already done so.”

Georg Maikler at Opal

“At CNN we aim for the best brains in market. Rodney & Grey Matter’s approach filters out these individuals saving time and filling the roles quickly. Always a pleasure to work with too!”

Robert Bradley at CNN International

“Grey Matter’s knowledge of the digital media industry is truly second to none. Consultative, direct and diligent, it was a real pleasure working with them. Consistent in delivering high quality suggestions, yet in such a way that is never overbearing. If you are looking to work with a recruiter that intuitively understands client’s needs, Grey Matter would be a very good place to start.”

Krishan Nursimooloo at Greenlight

“Grey Matter were a real pleasure to work with during the entire process of applying for my current role. They really took the time to understand the type of role I was looking for and only passed along relevant positions. They are also great at communication and always kept me updated on the progress of my job application. I would not hesitate to recommend Grey Matter!”

Nadine Sequeira at MediaMath

“Grey Matter Recruitment have by far been the best recruiters I’ve worked with. They were incredibly personable and friendly and fully prepared me ahead of my interviews. Best of all, they listened to what I wanted to get out of my career and tailored the roles, so they never pushed a role I wasn’t keen on. I’d 100% work with them again and would recommend them to anyone.”

Alice Aram at TVTY

“Grey Matter were really collaborative in their approach to finding me my new role. This meant I only applied to jobs I really wanted, and the application was made really smooth. They listened to my requirements without it feeling like I was being sold to and demonstrated expertise in the digital space. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for the next step in their career in SaaS.”

Fred Clevely-Jones at Seenit

“Grey Matter really takes the time to work with me and understand my requirements when it comes to filling a new position. I am not inundated with unqualified candidates but real individuals who are best suited for my open positions. Makes my life easier and gets me the results I need fast.”

Matt Vignieri at Kenshoo

“Grey Matter Recruitment has a quick effective team that really cares for their client’s success. They provided great customer service while providing quality candidates who are a great addition to our company. We really enjoyed working with them and will continue to work together in the future!”

Kristin Ryan at Spongecell

“Grey Matter not only provided me with clear information, but also guidance throughout the entire process of my application. When I accepted the role, I could tell that they were truly happy for me, and that personal investment from my consultant no doubt helped me secure that next career move. Thanks Grey Matter!”

Mark Painting at Warner Bros

“I don’t usually go through Recruitment Agencies as in some cases they do not take into consideration your career ambitions or goals. When I first contacted Grey Matter, they understood what I wanted and needed for my next career move and most often if not always, the roles provided were exactly in the direction I was looking for. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Grey Matter to my colleagues in future!”

Azaz Chowdury at Innovid

“Grey Matter have restored my faith in recruitment agencies and recruiters. They have been instrumental developing my career and I am grateful. They were very understanding, asked the right questions without being pushy and more importantly, followed through. Most recruiters only update you when there is hope of a pay check, but Grey Matter can see further than that.”

Amandine Carrey at Visual IQ

“Grey Matter were extremely diligent in terms of refining our needs for this role and bringing forward the best candidates that fit the bill. They were very responsive to our needs as we iterated on our ideal candidate profile which allowed the process to move much more quickly.”

 Liz Barenholtz at Optimove

“Grey Matter Recruitment has provided professional and consistent support throughout this process, and has helped me find a great role whereby I can make a step-up in both responsibilities and salary. Grey Matter’s consultative approach is what helped drive my decision by helping challenge both my current role and what I’d like to achieve in the future.”

Tyler Faust at Convertr Media

“Grey Matter made the recruitment process thoroughly enjoyable and focused on my aspirations. Although job-hunting can often be difficult, lengthy and sometimes unfulfilling I came away feeling informed, valued and with a fantastic new role – all thanks to the wonderful team at Grey Matter. Feedback was provided promptly after each stage of the interview process and advice given when requested.”

Matthew Scott at Visual IQ

“Grey Matter helped me to secure the perfect career move. The whole team were extremely helpful and supportive throughout the process.”

Benoit Nakimovitch at Staff Heroes

“Grey Matter responded quickly with a well-researched and highly relevant selection of candidates.”

Kevin Currie at Avantia

“I would thoroughly recommend Grey Matter to anyone looking for a role in digital – particularly people who are already in the sector. My experience with Grey Matter was absolutely satisfying. They are extremely professional and understood exactly what I wanted to get for my first job in media. It was easy to talk to them and they were honest from the very beginning.”

Livia Sacconi at Bitposter