In-House Recruitment

Grey Matter Talent Management – Your In-House Recruitment Solution

Following several requests from our clients, we are excited to announce the launch of Grey Matter Talent Management.

We understand the costs of hiring can be a hindrance when rapidly scaling your business and many companies consider taking recruitment in-house to streamline operations, so we have built Grey Matter Talent Management to help you grow your business with the best talent and to ease your financial burden when hiring.

Whether you are looking for a recruiter to work on a short-term contract, part-time or permanently; work alongside recruitment agencies or replace agency partnerships, we will match your company with the recruiter most suited to your needs.

In addition to our expert matching service, all Grey Matter Talent Management, clients will benefit from the following:

  • Reduced agency fees
  • Free creation of job description
  • Access to database with over 10,000 candidates
  • Reduced in-house hiring costs
  • Free job advertisements
  • Access to extensive industry experience

If you would like to hear more about this offering or our traditional Grey Matter Recruitment offering then please get in touch with us directly.