Executive Search

Our Executive Search offering is built around Grey Matter’s philosophy of intelligent recruitment and offers clients the most comprehensive and tailored level of service. We understand you are looking to hire only the best people and we pride ourselves on being an experienced and trusted pair of hands for executive hires.

Case Studies

Why Grey Matter Executive Search?

  • Market knowledge | Our research team is endlessly dedicated to cutting through the chaos and can identify exactly which target companies are relevant for you and why.
  • Undivided attention | You will receive the services of a Client Director, Account Manager and a Researcher, all dedicated to ensuring the success of the hiring process.
  • Process consultation | We can advise you on each and every stage of the hiring process – including helping create your job description, recommending appropriate salaries, devising decisive interview questions and offering advice on how to take your employer brand to market.
  • Monitoring search progress | Your Client Director will offer regular reports, to highlight exactly where we are with the search and challenges we face.

Quality Assured

  • Experience | Executive Search clients will work directly with Rodney Crouch, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Grey Matter Recruitment. With over 15 years’ industry experience, Rodney is one of the most respected recruiters in the UK digital technology space.
  • Three tiered approach | Your Account Manager will be a specialist in the area you are looking to hire and managing a team of researchers and recruitment consultants, who will provide the research and short-list of candidates for your role.
  • Guarantee | Through our rigorous vetting process, we can guarantee you are presented with only the best candidates and will consider a candidate’s experience, industry knowledge, personal goals, personal presentation and culture fit before making introductions.

With a truly considerate, consultative and through approach to recruitment, we will tailor our service to your needs to deliver an exceptional recruitment experience. We are happy to tailor our Executive Search offering to meet your individual needs. For more details, please contact Rodney Crouch.