Our Case Studies

B2B Saas

We work closely with our B2B SaaS clients to help then build both commercial and technical teams. We work across a wide range of SaaS serctors including but not limited to Big Data, AI/Robotics, Cyber Security, Fin Tech & HR Tech.   

Marketing & Ecommerce Tech

We have had a deep focus on marketing and ecommerce SaaS for over 10 years. Working with start-ups, scale-ups and lsited comapnies, we have expertise across all Mar Tech disciplines.

Advertising Tech

Ad Tech has been a significant strength of Grey Matter for many years. We were there at the beginning during the early ad networks through to the huge ecosystem we have today. Our expertise transcends both technical and commercial hires.

Publishers & Agencies

Rounding out the digital advertising ecosystem, we have deep expertise working with both agencies and publishers who are key connections to the Ad Tech vendors when driving digital advertising. Roles include Sales, Account Management, Ad Ops, Analytics, Marketing, Product & Tech.