10 questions with Moshe Demri from Optimove

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We sat down with Optimove’s Moshe Demri, Vice President of Revenue EMEA and asked him to share some of his industry leading insight and top pieces of career advice.

Optimove empowers brands to exhibit emotional intelligence when communicating with their customers. Their mission is to help marketers drive measurable growth by autonomously transforming customer data into actionable insights, which then power thoughtful customer communications, at scale.

Company: Optimove
Client: Moshe Demri, VP Revenue EMEA

Looking back, what two pieces of career advice would you offer to your younger self?

Be Patient, Worry less about titles and roles and more about the essence of them. 

When you leave the office what is your go-to method of relaxation?

Cooking dinner for me and my wife, open a good bottle of wine and watch a classic movie.

What is the primary challenge you face when trying to hire great talent for your team and how are you trying to overcome it?

Assess the level of technical skills, assess whether they got the hard working mentality. I overcome the first one using a technical test, the second one usually by speaking to references. 

What technology do you see changing the workplace the most in the next five years and why?

Advanced 3D conference rooms. Enabling teams to work closer from long distance.

What habit or trick is your key to improving productivity at work?

Pencilling time in the diary for answering email and “clear my desk”

How to do you see marketing and advertising spend changing going into 2020?

Spending more on AI and ML, more focus on Retention rather than Acquisition. 

What is your greatest challenge when trying to retain great staff and how have you overcome it?

The greatest challenge in my opinion is to make sure my team has high motivation, love what they do and feel like they are developing themselves. 

I overcome this challenge by making sure I’m always take people out of their comfort zone and open them to new horizons, I’m also big believer in promotion people instead of hiring new staff. There is a risk in promoting but as long as you are transparent with your team and set clear goals for them, it can work pretty well. 

What has been your most recent inspiring/interesting read and why?

From good to great by James C. Collins. Gave me lot’s of insights about management.  

Who has been your biggest inspiration / support in your career to date?

Pini Yakuel, our CEO. 

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