B2B SaaS Vacancy Data – September 2023

Take a look at Grey Matter Recruitment‘s snapshot fo B2B SaaS Vacancy Data.

🔎 Following a challenging first half of 2023 that impacted various B2B SaaS sectors, there has been a sustained recovery in Q3, with numerous companies now preparing for their 2024 hiring plans.

🔎 In September, the B2B SaaS marketing job openings experienced substantial growth. This, in combination with the ongoing rise in sales positions, reinforces the increasing confidence within B2B SaaS companies, as they anticipate a revenue boost for Q4.

🔎 Notably, there has been a shift in the nature of job openings, transitioning from a focus on customer retention to a more pronounced emphasis on new business, particularly in sales roles, affirming the market trends.

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B2B Saas Vacancy Data – September 2023

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