Download our 2022 SaaS Salary Report

2021 saw investment in SaaS technologies reach an all-time high, confidence in the market grow, and the levels of hiring increase significantly.

Top candidates have become a hot commodity and this demand has made for an interesting talent market over the past few months.

Company culture, values, flexible working, benefits and a range of other factors have become more important in the decision-making process than ever before for candidates as the working world evolves post-pandemic.

Of course, salaries and bonuses are still major factors and as we’ve done in previous years, we’ve compiled a range of salary and bonus information for roles and specialisms across the SaaS industry.

Using a mix of data taken from our own client’s salary budgets and our in-depth knowledge of the candidate market over recent months, our aim is to equip hiring teams with the most up to date salary information and instil confidence in their ability to offer the best candidates their market worth.

Download the full report here

In particular, we’ve focused on the following specialisms across the UK, US, German and French markets:

  • Sales
  • Customer Success
  • Pre-Sales & Solutions
  • Marketing
  • Product

If you have any questions about any of the salaries in the report, then please get in touch with the Grey Matter team who will be happy to help –

Likewise, if you have any questions about how we can help you grow your teams, the team are on hand to talk through your requirements.