Finding a Job in SaaS

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Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has become a popular model for delivering software of all types. With the rise of subscription-based cloud services, SaaS is growing as a major part of the technology sector, along with other cloud computing services. The benefits of SaaS for businesses include saving money, as well as reducing the need for infrastructure and labour.

SaaS jobs include a range of roles, from sales to solutions engineers, customer success and marketing. Some of the top SaaS companies include Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce and SAP but there are also many multi $M funded start-ups making waves such as Singular, Optimove and Percolate to name a few. SaaS covers many different types of software, from productivity software to creative products.

Roles in SaaS

You can discover a variety of roles related to SaaS, whether you’re a technical whizz or a sales expert. SaaS sales jobs often require some experience working in software so that you are able to communicate effectively about the product that you’re selling. If you don’t have much software knowledge, a strong sales background can help you to seek out suitable roles. Positions such as Solutions Engineer are also available to those who are seeking a more technical role in the SaaS sector. Technical account management certainly requires technical skills and knowledge to deliver software solutions and work with customers in an effective way.

Graduate SaaS Roles

Anyone looking for graduate positions in SaaS, will find that there are opportunities to work in sales, marketing and digital roles. SaaS firms, from startups to tech giants, often require a degree-level education, and specifically seek graduates to fulfil some of their roles. Entry-level positions for graduates can come from both startups offering great chance to own part of the company and grow your career quickly,  to larger companies that have the means to support a graduate training and development programme. Graduates can jump straight into a great role after gaining their degree or discover new positions to take the next step in their career.

Salary Expectations in SaaS

Salaries in SaaS roles vary depending on the position, the employer and the amount of experience required, just like in any other job. When choosing to work for startups and smaller companies, starting salaries of around £25,000  to £30,000 are normal for a range of roles, including SaaS sales. More senior roles are likely to be between £50,000 to £70,000, or even reaching as high as £100,000 and much more for senior roles with more responsibility and with the right employers.

Find SaaS Jobs with Grey Matter

Grey Matter has positions in SaaS sales and in other digital and marketing roles. Our constantly updated job board offers roles with new and established enterprises, including international opportunities and employers looking for those with foreign language skills. A number of our roles are senior positions with high salaries, with some as high as £200,000 per year. Search our job board to discover the perfect roles to match your goals and take the next step in your career. You can register with us and send us your CV to express your interest in SaaS roles. We can help to match you with your dream position.