GM New Year Update

Technology and Media was consistently reported as the top performing investment company sector for 2019* and this is great news for firms looking to scale on both sides of the Atlantic.

Investment in Tech and Media saw returns of 34% compared to the average of 14% across all sectors.* Funds and venture capitalists with existing investments will be looking to close more Tech deals this year and it is expected that many new investors will also enter the market.

This is highly positive for many SaaS companies in London and New York, who will be able to implement new growth plans for 2020 and this is certainly proving the case for our clients.

Whether American start-ups looking to build in EMEA or UK outfits expanding in North America, we’ve seen an uplift in hiring across Marketing SaaS and Advertising Tech as well as HR SaaS and RPA/ OCR, areas that had previously been quieter in the space.

Many of the January hires for these platforms were commercial, with firms bringing in high-quality sales professionals to generate revenues that are in-turn invested in additional hires and product development whilst attracting larger corporates for future takeovers.

With this news, the outlook is bright for the new year and 2020 is set to be a huge success for the tech market. Grey Matter have specialist divisions in Sales, Marketing, Pre-Sales/ Solutions and AdOps and our dedicated consultants are well placed to add value to your expansion plans.

If you’d like to discuss more about how we could help grow your team, please contact me at or 07715 905 105.