How Has Digital Transformation Impacted 2020

Online Shopping

You may have heard today that 75% of UK adults now shop for their food online.  This is an enormous increase from the 61% in 2019 and most of that growth is down to COVID-19.  In the over-55 aged group the number tripled since the pandemic began.

The rapid growth in digital transformation over the last 5 years just got a rocket-boost and there are some really interesting statistics on where we are going next.

O2 recently completed a survey where over 50% of consumers says they will never go back to shopping the way they used to.  An incredible number of people which will have a huge impact on both the way we as consumers engage with companies and also on how companies will have to adapt to keep the customers they’ve currently got.

At Grey Matter we work with many companies who are revolutionising the Retail and eCommerce space, from new tools such as social proofing to platforms that can use AR & VR to virtually bring the in-store experience straight to your screen.

While 2020 will undoubtedly go down as one of the worst years in recent memory, for the digital transformation economy it just went into hyper speed.

Here is the article from the BBC outlining some of these changes