Investment in SaaS companies remains strong in 2020

Despite the difficulties faced by businesses in 2020, the growth in the adoption of SaaS technologies has soared.

As workforces have adapted to new, agile ways of working, more and more companies are relying on SaaS technologies to streamline their processes and this strength in the market is reflected when it comes to the investments made in SaaS companies already in 2020.

Using available data, we’ve gathered together some investment stats below for 2020.


  • Investment is highest across Adtech, Martech and Fintech
  • Stripe’s investment of $600 million was the largest investment since Dropbox’s in March 2018 ($756 million)
  • The average investment amount has increased YoY
    • 2017 average investment amount = $22.4m
    • 2018 average investment amount = $24.8m
    • 2018 average investment amount = $29.8m
  • Investment slowed in the months marking the start of the Covid-19 pandemic but picked up and remains strong in the months following the outbreak