Positioning Yourself to Show Up on a Headhunters Radar

Headhunting is an element of recruiting that has grown significantly in the last few years. To put
it simply, if you’re not getting any unsolicited approaches about career openings, you are missing
an entire market segment that may move you in the right direction of your career aspirations.
Here are a few tips to assist you with your plan of action.

Be a target

Having talent in a specific niche, honing your skills as an industry expert, or gain a reputation for
your craft will help with recognition. If you are still a bit early in your career, take on the
projects and roles that can build up a substantial body of knowledge. If you are later in your
career, ensure your cv, online profile, lift pitch and online references/comments speak of, or
reflect your specific talent.

Be searchable

Surprisingly this needs to be said. Make regular use of online platforms (LinkedIn for example),
where you are able to post blogs or articles you’ve written on your specific subject matter
expertise. Ensure your profile and keywords are trending and match those used by recruiters
looking to engage your specific skillset.

If you are changing careers, your best course is to find a way to acquire the experience necessary
in your newly desired field. It can be from volunteer work which you can list online as expertise
gained. Don’t restrict yourself only to professional work.

Be prepared

Not only will you need to be ready to respond to an inquiry from a headhunter at this stage, you
will eventually need to be able to seamlessly progress through the hiring process in order to land
the job. Once you’ve begun the interview process, you will be alongside those who have been
poached or otherwise. Even though you have been poached, it is still important to show
enthusiasm and initiative (respectfully professional) as employers may see poached applicants as
not as interested in the role.

Final thoughts

It is not easy to match all headhunter requirements to be poached. You need the skillset or
expertise, and people will need to know you enough to refer you. It is vital you build and
maintain the relationships you’ve made with headhunters based on keeping your skillset top of
their mind.