Tea Break with Hannah Colley, Head of Marketing

Hannah Colley head of marketing

Hannah is an experienced member of the team here at Grey Matter and specialises in Marketing recruitment.   Outside of work, she can be found enjoying the best music, food and ‘unusual’ activities London has to offer, from historic walking tours to drawing live wolves.

How did you become a specialist in recruiting marketers?

I find the marketing industry fascinating and I really enjoy speaking to candidates about what they do and their outreach.  Converting creativity into tangible results that drives a business forward is something that really motivates me, so I’ve been focusing on this area for the past few years.

What are the current issues/trends in the Marketing industry?

The current unknowns surrounding Brexit are causing caution and some companies are cutting budgets until the future is clearer.  Marketing, typically, is one of the first areas in a business to be constrained.

Also, for global companies, marketing is increasingly being centralised and executed from locations outside the UK. This is both a reflection and cause of our increasingly globalised society. Whilst this change has the potential to have negative side effects on the availability of UK marketing roles, many candidates see it as an exciting opportunity fulfil their ambitions to travel, take on a role in a new country and immerse themselves in international culture.

Digital marketing is continuing to rise, generating new roles in the sector.

How can employers reach the best candidates?

It’s a competitive market, so companies need to develop their brand and position themselves well.  Exemplary employer branding is crucial in an ever competitive market. Providing strong incentives and benefits combined with a strong company culture will help to attract candidates; roles are no longer judged on salary alone.

Working with specialist recruiters with real market experience, like us, identifies candidates that are the right fit, both in terms of skills and experience, and company culture.

Any key learnings from the placements you’ve already made?

With so many niche areas, candidates are typically only right for one job at a time.  Every client has different specialist needs, which means very tailored searches have to happen for each role.  

To contact Hannah, please email her at hannah@greymatterrecruitment.co.uk or call her on 07701 309904.