What is Robotics and why should we care?

At Grey Matter we always ask our candidates what technology sectors they would like to work in and the answer Robotics is definitely an answer we hear daily, but what does Robotics really mean?  In our latest blog we try to break it down and give some insight into where we think the market is going.


What is Robotics and why should we care?

Robotics involves designing and making robots that perform various tasks, connecting engineering, computer science, and artificial intelligence. Robots come in diverse forms, from humanoid machines to specialized robotic arms. They assist in surgeries, rescue missions, and exploration. Despite the wide range of roles they play, certain traits unite them.

There are several types of robots, including pre-programmed, humanoid, autonomous, teleoperated, and augmenting robots, as well as software bots.

The discussion about robots is multifaceted, raising hopes and concerns. Advantages of robots include driving innovation in various fields, complementing human work, creating new job opportunities, and enhancing productivity.

On the flip side, robots pose privacy and security risks, and their rapid adoption can leave some workers unskilled for tech-based roles, leading to job competition and displacement.

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in advancing robotics. Digital twins, robotic automation, smart cities, generative AI, and humanoid robots are some areas where AI integrates with robotics to bring about transformative changes.

AI and robotics impact various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, customer service, hospitality, travel, aerospace, energy, education, lifestyle, and more.

For humans, the rise of AI and robotics offers both benefits and challenges. While these technologies simplify daily tasks and improve efficiency, they also raise concerns about job displacement, data privacy, and evolving technologies. These technologies are here to stay, and society must adapt to a world where robots and AI are integrated into daily life.


What Job opportunities are there in Robotics?

  • Sales:  As the industry grows there will be many many sales opportunities to sell robotics solutions  and the AI around them to companies across the globes.
  • Sales Engineer: Sales engineers are experts in robotics who assist account managers in selecting and customizing robots for customers.
  • Design Engineer: Design engineers focus on the appearance of robots and consumer goods me . They collaborate with mechanical engineers to ensure practical designs.
  • Mechanical Engineer: Mechanical engineers focus on designing, testing, and maintaining mechanical systems in robotics, ensuring functionality.
  • User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Designer: UI/UX designers create user-friendly interfaces for human-robot interaction.
  • Aerospace Engineers: Aerospace engineers design various components used in automated aircraft, spacecraft, and more.
  • Electro-mechanical and Mechatronics Technologists and Technicians: These professionals work with robotic and automated equipment. They operate, test, and maintain such equipment in various industries.
  • Robotics Engineer: Robotics engineers are responsible for creating, developing, and maintaining robots, ensuring their efficiency and safety.
  • Software Engineer: Software engineers write code for complex robotic systems, collaborating with hardware engineers and focusing on safe human-robot interaction.
  • Computer Scientist: Computer scientists develop technology solutions for robots to communicate and collaborate efficiently.
  • Hardware Engineer: Hardware engineers design and test the physical components used in robots and other technological equipment.


Some companies that are leading the sector and growing their teams

Intuitive Surgical is the company responsible for creating and producing the Da Vinci surgical system, which enables surgeons to conduct minimally invasive procedures using a sophisticated array of tools and a high-definition 3D visual representation of the surgical site. Since its introduction in 1999, the Da Vinci system has facilitated over 6 million robot-assisted surgeries on a global scale.

ABB stands as a prominent global technology enterprise dedicated to advancing the evolution of both society and industry towards a more efficient and environmentally responsible future. This commitment is achieved by seamlessly integrating software with its diverse range of offerings, which encompass electrification, robotics, automation, and motion technologies. ABB specializes in the production and distribution of robotics and machinery automation solutions, encompassing items such as robots, controllers, software, feature packages, workstations, programmable logic controllers, industrial PCs, and collaborative robotic solutions.

Honda Robotics designed ASIMO (Advanced Step Innovative Mobility), heralded as the “ultimate humanoid robot,” with the vision of crafting robots that can harmoniously coexist with and provide assistance to humans. In the contemporary context, Honda now provides state-of-the-art walking assistance devices designed to aid individuals with compromised leg muscle strength. Furthermore, in 2018, Honda unveiled 3E-A18, an interactive robot capable of recognizing emotions and engaging in communication through facial expressions, sound, and movement, thereby enhancing people’s activities.

Midea is undeniably a trusted and esteemed name in the realm of electronic appliances. With the advent of intelligent machinery and smart manufacturing, the Midea Group is actively contributing its innovative expertise to the field of robotics. Presently, Midea Group has integrated more than 800 robots into its production processes. Notably, in 2016, Midea made a significant acquisition by purchasing KUKA, a prominent German robotics company known for its association with Industry 4.0, for a substantial $5 billion. In addition to enhancing the automation of its internal industrial operations, Midea Group extends its manufacturing solutions to the broader manufacturing industry.

Companies that are hiring now in the Robotics Sector include: Dexterity, Enchanted Tools, Boston Dynamics, Aigen, Machina Labs & Sanctuary AI.