Haiilo Workplace Development Recruitment Project Case Study

The single most intuitive and advanced platform for driving, understanding and leveraging Employee Engagement.

Haiilo engaged us exclusively to assist in the expansion of their UK and US offices.

Initially we were engaged for two commercial hires but have since filled 25 vacancies across commercial and product.


2018 to present

Market Map

Headhunted over 100 HR & Marketing SaaS platforms in London, New York & Atlanta


294 candidates shortlisted; 79 candidates introduced


25 hires made including 3 VP Sales (US, UK & NOrdics), VP Customer Success, VP Marketing, Enterprise Sales AEs, Customer Success Managers, Solutions Consultants & Product Managers

Why Grey Matter?

  • Market Knowledge: Our research team cut through the chaos and identify exactly which target companies are relevant for you and why
  • Undivided Attention: We apply a comprehensive, three-tiered approach to the management of every partnership and offer you the service of a specialist Client Director, Account Manager and a Researcher
  • Process Consultation: We can advise you on each and every stage of the hiring process including helping create your job description, recommending salaries, and advise on how to take your employer brand to market
  • Monitoring Search Progress: Your Client Director will offer weekly or bi-weekly update reports, to highlight exactly where we are with the search and the progress being made
  • Flexible, Personalised Service: From retained to contingency and in-house to external, we offer you the hiring service that best suits your needs and your budget

If you would like to hear more about our agency recruitment offering or our traditional Grey Matter Recruitment offering then please get in touch with us directly.